calendarEvent SOPHIA - Tremplin de l'intelligence artificielle / édition 2018

Sophia Antipolis, the premier European technopole and cradle of digital technology, will welcome the leading Artificial Intelligence specialists on 7, 8 and 9 November 2018 to a major international symposium bringing together researchers, companies, citizens, economic partners and students.

Scientific presentations, debates, round tables, collaborative events and experiential courses will bring together academia and industry for different perspectives on various current topics, such as A.I. and cognition, A.I. and health, A.I. and life, A.I. and vision, A.I. and the economy, transport, education, art and creativity, digital humanities, etc. These are topics that go far beyond the traditional frameworks of disciplinary scientific research and that require an open and transdisciplinary approach.

Two public evenings will also address, in a more interactive way, sensitive questions in order to answer the questions and concerns of the public about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on their daily lives on the one hand (workplace, security, individual freedom), and ethical issues on the other hand (medicine and medical ethics, philosophy of life).

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